What's the Dealio?
Apr 25, 2020

2.17: AP Tests: Making Your Choice

Students at ASIJ are facing a choice: whether or not to take the AP exams. Join us for this examination of what to consider in making that tough decision.

Note: Student interviewee Shreya (grade 12) stated that a motivating factor in the decision to take AP exams was financial. According to College Board policy, you will be able to receive a refund in 2020 only. However, you might still save money through advanced standing in college or exempted classes—depending on your individual situation.


Audio Editing: Solomon (12)

Music (Licensed CC-BY-NC):

  • Chad Crouch - Algorithms
  • Blue Dot Sessions - Detailing and Plasticity
  • Chris Zabriskie - Candlepower (CC-BY)

Special thanks to Mr. McQueen, Mrs. Knapp, and Shreya (12).

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