What's the Dealio?
Apr 4, 2020

2.13: Distance Learning: Week 4

We hope your spring break was enjoyable and safe. With the closure of ASIJ's campus, you're sure to have questions. Stay tuned to this episode for a discussion with our panel group, an exclusive interview with Ms. Crissy, and a message from Mr. Nelson. Jacob is also back, to give us an update on the latest news.

Special Announcement: Thanks for listening to today’s What’s the Dealio episode. We’ve really enjoyed the chance to give you a way to connect with our community during this distance learning experience.

With the rest of the year being canceled, we’ll be moving beyond this original Distance Learning format. We want to document this experience for future students and capture what it’s like—what we feel, think, watch, and do. With the cancellation of much of the senior festivities, we also want to help commemorate their successes and celebrate their milestones. Stay tuned for episodes on everything from Netflix to AP tests to college to books, with new and old voices on the show in formats ranging from reports to discussions to interviews.

Our next episode, in particular, will be a special one. Next week's episode will be dedicated to providing a forum to express what you're excited about, sad about, and more with the closure of campus—a reminder that we're all still processing. It’s a time to share what you feel—honestly—and with our student community as a whole.

How do you feel about this change? What are you doing to make the best out of this situation? Do you have any messages that you want to send somebody? Make your voice heard on this important topic. Go to our Flipgrid at gg.gg/stillprocessing to learn more and make your voice heard.


  • Audio Editing: Solomon (12)
  • Music: Detailing and Funk and Flash by RadioPink (Licensed CC BY-NC 4.0)

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