What's the Dealio?
Jun 10, 2020

2.25: 2019-20: Year in Review

It's the end of our year, and time to look back on what made it what it is. Thank you for your support of What's the Dealio this year. Have a great summer!

What's the Dealio Members 2019-20: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yvaCo9MfoDOMwoidY6uIj7uTp13SEU1fAeQu53CeZDU/edit?usp=sharing


Audio Editing:

  • Solomon (12)

  • Noah (12)


  • Detailing, Neon Drip, and Slow Rollout by Blue Dot Sessions (CC-BYNC)

  • Out of the Skies Under the Earth by Chris Zabriskie (CC-BY)

  • So What by Soft and Furious (CC0)

  • Butterfly by Delicate Steve (CC-BY)